Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Later this year, Superhuman Works will begin work on new concept projects for 2010. One in particular we want to experiment with is a concept that will introduce new characters into the SW Universe with one-shot stand alone comic books. A new limited series called "Tales of the Superhumans."

These 32 page one shot books will introduce a single one story character to new and existing readers, laying down the ground work for it to become a new title joining the SW Universe.
SHANGO-The African God of Thunder will be the first character to kick our new limited series into gear.

" I think this is a great way to bring a potential character into the fold instead of creating a new title out of nowhere to begin with. Readers will get the heads up on the character before it becomes a title book series."

Like the rest of the SW titles they will be on a Bi- Monthly basis. There's more info on the way. Stay tuned!

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