Friday, October 16, 2009

With Ghost Fighter, the first comic book to come out of the Superhuman Works camp(8 part Sci-Fi action thriller mini-series) still running Night Jak which is the company's signature character-will start its official re-launch in the begining new year.

Night Jak, The Black American Urban Ninja action comic debuted at the Baltimore Comic Con July 2007. "In 2010 SW wants to push its main character out to the forefront to lead the way for the rest of the new and upcoming titles" says its President & Publisher Rob Taylor. Also the long awaited issue #2 of NJ will be premiering with covers by Veteran comic book Artist super star Eric Battle(Tales of the Spector, Timestorm 2099) with a special variant cover by Rob Taylor himself.

So stick around everyone. More is on the way!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Later this year, Superhuman Works will begin work on new concept projects for 2010. One in particular we want to experiment with is a concept that will introduce new characters into the SW Universe with one-shot stand alone comic books. A new limited series called "Tales of the Superhumans."

These 32 page one shot books will introduce a single one story character to new and existing readers, laying down the ground work for it to become a new title joining the SW Universe.
SHANGO-The African God of Thunder will be the first character to kick our new limited series into gear.

" I think this is a great way to bring a potential character into the fold instead of creating a new title out of nowhere to begin with. Readers will get the heads up on the character before it becomes a title book series."

Like the rest of the SW titles they will be on a Bi- Monthly basis. There's more info on the way. Stay tuned!